63 V8 Radiator Install

This is a 23" wide 4 core radiator from Modern Performance in California.  As you can see, this is for an automatic transmission.  Cost on this unit is $250, a little bit on the expensive side if you ask me, but competitively priced with other suppliers.  This unit is almost identical to the 64-65 283 V8 stock GM radiator in fit and finish.  The only thing I do not like about this radiator is the fact that it retains the stock passenger side inlet.  I would have preferred a drivers side inlet to give more clearance between the cooling fan and the upper hose.  With this setup, you can not use a 19" fan!  The nice thing about this radiator however, is the fact that it does have a mounting flange for a shroud, see pic below.

Note: If you are using a large side post battery, you may have some clearance issuses!!

This "how to" covers the installation of this model radiator into a 62/63 Nova, 64 and up models will differ slightly

A couple notes about this install:

    Radiator cap: Stant model SP30 Part # 10330 (16 Lbs lever vent)

    Petcock Valve: Motormite Part # 61104 (1/4" NPT) (also Dorman Part # 489-231)

    Hoses: Gates Part #'s (21794 Upper hose) (20475 Lower hose) These represent a stock 64 283 V8 car with no A/C

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