Chrome handles for your fresh air vents


Lets face it, the fresh air vent handles just look like ass!! Why don't they match the rest of the dash? Well, we can fix that now can't we!


This is a very simple procedure, but will require the use of a bench grinder or a really good file!

Look familiar?  This is what your vent knob looks like now!

Step 1.) Remove your stock vent lever by removing 2 screws and lifting the cable end from the vent housing.

2.) If your bracket looks shabby, use a wire brush to clean it, and give it a fresh coat of paint.

3.) Once painted, we need to remove the stock plastic knob.  This can be done by grabbing the shaft below the knob with vise grips and pulling on the knob.  These little suckers are really on there, so it may take some work!

Here is the shaft with the knob removed, the end has ribs to retain the plastic knob, those are what made it a pain to remove!

4.) Take an old or even new chrome dash knob and look in the end of it, you should see a little clip inside there.  Notice the shape, sorta a "D" shape.  We need to fit that on the lever shaft.

5.) You need to file or grind part of the shaft flat.  Be careful not to remove too much material, use an old chrome dash knob to judge how much material to remove. Once you have what you think is a good fit, shove the chrome knob on the shaft.  Make sure you have a tight fit!!!! I used an aircraft grade epoxy to secure the knob on mine, this is not necessary, but a nice added assurance that the knob will not fall off.

Well, here is what the finished product looks like.  Almost identical to the original, only Chrome!




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