63 Chevy II SS

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Welcome to my site!

On this small corner of the web, I record the very slow progress of my car.  I try to update the information on this site on a monthly basis, so please check back often!

I have lots of information on these pages about my car, and some information that may assist you in your project, so please have a look around!

I spoke with Rudy at Modern Performance (1 Aug 02), as of today, he still has not received his shipment of 65-67 Paintable bowtie locking caps, or the 62-64 chrome locking caps.  He is expecting them very soon, so if you are interested in a gas cap, give him a call at 1-800-457-NOVA

Update: Brake lines and fuel lines have been finished! She is getting closer to being drivable......Stay tuned!

I have also added to 2 new pages to the "How To" section, Check out the V8 Radiator install page, and the low mount alternator page!

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