Cowl Vent Seal Replacement


Are you tired of those leaky cowl vents?  Always getting cold air in the car when you don't want it?  Well, was about to install my vents, and noticed that the rubber seal is shot.  These seals are not being produced, so I was at wits end about how to fix it.

I found a cure for those old beat up seals, best part, it costs about 6 bucks and a few minutes of time.

Here is our vent pulled out of the vehicle.

This is the inside of our vent, note the spring loaded pin on the left.  This pin holds the flap assembly in place.  Pull on the pin, and this will release the flap assembly.

Here is our flap assembly out of the vent.  Note the 4 pop rivets.  We need to remove the pop rivets.  Using a drill, and a small bit, carefully drill out the rivets.  I have seen some flaps that have 6 rivets, if yours has 6, drill them all out.

Here we have the flap assembly separated.  Note the old flap seal on the bottom.

Ok, now is the fun part.  On the right is the new gasket.  You need to find some thin rubber foam in a sheet.  I found mine at the local crafts store.  This stuff is hobby foam, it is a neoprene rubber foam that is about 1/16" thick.  The original gasket is a little thicker, but this stuff works very well.  Once you have your sheet of foam, cut out a new gasket in the shape of the original.  Make sure you leave a little extra around the edges to make a good seal inside the cowl vent housing.

Ok, now you need to insert your new gasket between the two metal plates of the flap and rivet them back together.  Use 1/8" short pop rivets to finish up the job, they are a perfect fit.  Note the amount of overhang on the new gasket, this is what seals against the housing.

Here is our new flap all ready to go back in the housing. Re-install in housing in reverse order of disassembly.

Here is the finished product!  Notice the seal(red arrow).  Nice and tight, ready to install back in the car.  Please excuse my nasty looking pop rivets, I used the long instead of the short rivets....brain fart on my part!