RPO Codes run the length of the left side, as do the Exterior colors

Interior/RPO color by model is indicated at the top right of the chart

"X" indicates available Exterior/Interior color combination

100 Series

Interior Trim Colors and RPO Codes
Models 1-211, 1-269 Models 1-235
RPO Exterior Colors Fawn Aqua


Fawn Aqua Red
760 752 776 761 754 777
900 Tuxedo Black x x x x x x
905 Laurel Green x     x    
908 Ivy Green x     x    
912 Silver Blue x     x    
914 Monaco Blue x     x    
918 Azure Aqua   x     x  
919 Marine Aqua   x     x  
920 Autumn Gold x   x x   x
922 Ember Red x   x x   x
932 Saddle Tan x     x    
934 Cordovan Brown x     x    
936 Ermine White x x x x x x
938 Adobe Beige x   x x   x
940 Satin Silver   x x   x x
948 Palomar Red x   x x   x
950 Ermine White/Tuxedo Black x x x x x x
954 Ermine White/Laurel Green x     x    
959 Ermine White/Silver Blue x     x    
962 Silver Blue/Monaco Blue x     x    
963 Ermine White/Azure Aqua   x     x  
967 Azure Aqua/Marine Aqua   x     x  
970 Adobe Beige/Autumn Gold x   x x   x
971 Adobe Beige/Saddle Tan x     x    
972 Adobe Beige/Cordovan Brown x     x    
973 Ermine White/Ember Red x   x x   x


Ermine White/Satin Silver   x x   x x



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